Tech Pistol & Rifle Club

Membership Information and FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the club! We hope this answers some basic questions:

What is the Club and What Does it Do?

The Club exists to encourage safe competitive and recreational shooting among members of the MIT community. Club members have access to the MIT Range for practice. The Club has at least one team in the Greater Boston Pistol League (Autumn-Winter) and the Eastern Massachusetts Rifle League (Spring), and many members compete in other local pistol and rifle leagues. There is a Club pistol championship each Spring. Club members help with Range maintenance and teach evening marksmanship and safety courses.

We are granted the use of the MIT Pistol Range on most Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, though this is always subject to change due to special events hosted by Varsity Pistol, maintenance activities, or the availability of a club Range Officer. Note that the MIT ranges allow only standard velocity .22 rimfire and airguns.

Membership Requirements

  1. MIT Affiliation (required for all members)

    You must have some MIT affiliation to join the club. This includes faculty, staff, students, and spouses of same, as well as alumni. Former affiliates can maintain membership, but you must have a current affiliation (though this includes alumni) to get a campus firearm permit.
  2. Firearms Knowledge (required for all members)

    You must be familiar with the safe an responsible handling of firearms. If you are a new shooter, you must have taken either the MIT P.E. Pistol Class or the course offered by the Club. If you are an experienced shooter you must possess an N.R.A. or USA Shooting Classification Card for some type of pistol or rifle competition. For associate members shooting only airguns, the IM Air Pistol safety training will suffice.

    Otherwise experienced shooters who do not meet these criteria should speak to the club President.

  3. License (required for Regular, but not Associate membership)

    You must have a valid Massachusetts Firearms Identification Card (FID) or License to Carry Firearms (LTC). Either can be obtained from your local police station.


Once you have satisfied Items 1 through 3 above, fill out the membership application form. The dues are listed on the form. (As of this writing, new members are charged $28 for a full membership year (September through August) and $18 from January-May; renewals are $3 less.) Once your application is approved by the Executive Committee, you're in.

Range Security Arrangements

A number of changes have been made at the Range and to our operating procedures to comply with the MIT Campus Police's review of Range security. Access to the Ready Room is now only through the door to the left of the drinking fountain near the rest room (across from the weight room). The door to the Rockwell lobby is only to be used as an emergency exit. The Ready Room door has an electronic touch-pad lock. All members will be given the entry code when they receive their membership card. Both the rifle and pistol ranges have a motion-sensor alarm system. Club Range Officers will be given the codes to deactivate these alarms.

Range Use

In many clubs membership includes a key to the range and your ability to use it at any time you want assuming there is not a scheduled activity taking place. We are guests on the MIT ranges, and their primary function is serving the needs of the university. Our use is restricted to Tuesday nights after 6:30pm and on some Sunday afternoons. (We may also shoot at times allowed by the rangemaster, and there will be occasional exceptions to the above times.)

Getting Into the Range

You may be a member of the club, but you still need to get into MIT's athletic facilities to visit the range. There are several ways to do this: